Contact Information

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The simplest way to contact our support team is through our Online Support Request Form.

If you need to reach one of our support engineers or license administrators in person, you can use this list to find the appropriate contact information for your:


Customers in The Americas, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea


Licensing questions should be sent to, or call the technical support number listed below.

Technical Support

Customers in North America, South America, Australia, and New Zealand should contact our US technical support engineers at:

+1 (877) GHS-TECH (toll-free number for customers in the USA)
+1 (805) 965-0124

or email

Customers who purchased their products from a company other than GHS, such as a distributor, should contact such company first for all licensing and support questions.

Customers in Europe, the Middle East, India, Africa


Licensing questions can be sent to

or call the number listed for support-nl.

Technical Support

Customers in Europe, the Middle East, India, and Africa can contact our
European support staff as follows:



Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

Ireland, South Africa, UK

Austria, Germany, Switzerland




Spain, Portugal

Benelux and Elsewhere

Please contact our support staff in the Netherlands at +31 33 4613363, or email

Custom/Premium Support Customers

Customers that have purchased a premium or custom support contract should use the support contact designated in their contract. For licensing questions, contact one of our license administrators for your region as described above.

Safety-Critical and AdaMULTI Customers


Licensing questions can be sent to

Technical Support

Customers using our Ada product line in Europe should contact our European Ada support staff at

Customers using our Ada product line elsewhere should contact our Ada support staff at


Customers in areas that are not listed above should contact the GHS Support or Licensing office that is geographically closest to them. If the nearest office is our partner ADaC and you are not in Japan, Taiwan, or South Korea, contact the next-closest office.