What information to include in a problem report

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A properly crafted problem report can drastically reduce the amount time it takes to solve the problem. 

For any problem report, you should include:

  • A brief description of the symptom
  • The steps needed to reproduce the problem
  • What steps have been taken to attempt to diagnose the problem or to rule out certain possible causes
  • The source code and build instructions for a short test case, if possible

To allow our support administrators to more quickly route your question to the appropriate support engineer, please also include your License Serial Number or PO Number, if known. 

Compiler problems

Include a pre-processed source file.

Probe / SuperTrace Probe problems

When reporting Probe or SuperTrace Probe problem reports, include information about the Probe's configuration. Modern firmwares include a support command that includes most of the information our experts will need up-front to diagnose the problem. Older firmwares will give an error for the support command, so include the output of info and set instead. These commands may be accessed through the serial or telnet shell, or via the Probe Administrator utility's "Prompt" pane.  

If you have a Probe that works, be sure to include the support (or info and set) output from both the working and problematic device so that we can compare the two devices. 

The support (or info) output will include the serial number for your device, but if you cannot access the command, include the serial number of the affected device in your report.